One of the best sign of success : you have been plagiarized !

This afternoon, I was checking the Google Analytics of our company's website and specifically for our traffic sources. I found out 2 new reffering sites "" and "". Intrigued, because those are websites I have never visited, I went to see who had gently decided to advertise our website for its (nice) design. Finally I found out one of the original reffering page : . I'm a bit puzzled, our site is nowhere to be found on the page, just some randome dude portfolio... Strange ! I try the link to the portfolio and... surprise !!! The site loads and it has a VERY familiar look !

It appears that the guy copied all of our site, changed the color of the menu, our logo, slightly modified our welcome phrase and used our site as his own. The rest of the content is also almost identitcal : our texts are mostly untouched. He even copied all of our scripts, including the Google Analytics one, leaving our own code  ! He had the sense at least to modify the "Our team" section and to remove our faces.

The cherry on the top of the cake is when you try a right click and you get a "copy protected by RK designs". Some guys are just hilarious ! :-)

And you ? Did something similar happen to you ? Were you angry or did you laugh at the incompetence of the person ?

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