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Managing accents in text searches 21/07/2013

A good search engine must be flexible since words searched by a user may be present in database, but in a different shape. The most obvious example is the presence of uppercase letters in the text: if a sentence begins with "Tomorrow, ...", this word must be recognized by the search engine even if the user has typed "tomorrow" or "TOMORROW".

Many written languages use special characters (accentuated or other) that cause the same issue: the same word can be written in different shapes depending on the presence or absence of those characters (especially because of uppercase letters, which are often unaccentuated). The french word "sérénité", if it appears in a title, may be written in the shape "SERENITE". The engine must not only ignore the case but also the accents.

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Document Manager Plugin for CakePHP 2.x 18/07/2013

The Document Manager plugin provides an out of the box simple file management interface for any CakePHP 2.x application.

You define a base directory inside the webroot folder for your arborescence and inside you can create folders, upload/rename/delete files, browse them, obtain the absolute URL of any file in order to be able to link to it. Uploaded files informations are stored inside a Document table which allows to easily access them in your application. 

Moreover it can be hooked to an user management system to manage ownership of files and prevent files edition or deletion by other users. If you do not have an user management system, you can easily disable file ownership management to have an open system.

It requires jQuery to perform.

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