Petit Four 1.2.2

Petit Four allows you to bake online the base of a CakePHP application: a relational database and the models files. You just have to input the relation structure that you desire and Petit Four will automagically generate the SQL file for your database and the CakePHP models files. If you want, you can also automatically bake controllers and view files.

To begin, choose a name for your first model inside the new model input. This will create a new model with the selected default values configured just below. Once this model is created, you can edit its attributes. If you create several models, you can also edit the relations between them. The inverse relation and the foreign key are added automatically. Read more.

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Default values These values will be affected to the new models and to the new columns

Default columns for each new model
Column Activated Type Size AI
Default type of each new column and default sizes
Default type Type Default size
Modify the default values
Hide / Show all models

    Baking options Customize your petit four

    • Columns
      Name Type Size Default Default value Null AI Validation
      Alias Relation type Associated model
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